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By Brian Biddle

What I like

Finding the Good in the Everyday

During our Monday meeting this week, Kevin O’Keefe asked, “what do we like?” This question was asked in part from a SLACK discussion the previous week; a few of us were giving our take on a publishing platform’s new features. The tone was more critical or cynical. His challenge to us was to focus on what was good, what we should be doing as a company, and the positives we could glean and apply.

I’ve noted in myself the past few months it’s easier to be critical and cutting. My patience is a little thinner. I get upset too quickly. So Kevin’s challenge to us was a conviction to me.

So here’s what I like this week.

Naz Hamid’s weekly newsletter PreFlight. This week he wrote of the political unrest in a simple, elegant voice, spoke of dawdling, and challenged us to chase curiosity. Here are his words:

Somewhere in there, I’m reminding myself it’s okay to dawdle a little bit. To remember to chase curiosity and learn things because of events in the world. That dawdling is a response to being a better and well-rounded human.

New Morning Mercies by Paul Trip. This daily devotional is how I start my day. It’s been a time of comfort, conviction, and challenge. I was reminded this week of the importance of looking inward to fix what’s broken and wrong in my life. Why is it so much easier to fix and correct what I deem wrong in another?

I like Running. I’ve been on a regular running regimen to improve my health and prepare for an upcoming race in October. I love getting faster and the fight required to keep going when you’re not feeling great.

I like Bullet Journaling. As I noted in a previous post, rapid logging has improved my life and provided a sense of control over small things that are my responsibility to manage and complete.

I like My Wife. This past month we hit the 20yr mark in our marriage. We’re almost to the point where we’ve been together more years than single. Without her, I’d be lost. She is logical and reasonable about my oddities. She is my best friend, and I love her.

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