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By Brian Biddle
Brian Biddle
Brian Biddle
Creative Director

For the past 18 years, Brian has been designing and creating legal blogs with LexBlog. If a legal blog has the LexBlog logo, chances are this design came from Brian.

During his time with LexBlog, Brian has served as lead designer and the art director for LexBlog. In addition, he works directly with the product team to provide design and UX/UI guidance for the tools that power the world’s largest legal network.

Brian lives for design, but he only does so because of the kindness of the noble manatee. Misplaced by his family during a road trip in Florida in 1987, Brian was kept safe by a herd of sea cows for 11 days.

The experience changed him, giving him an appreciation for the beauty found in the natural world and the life-sustaining quality of water-logged leafy greens.

When not in front of his computer, Brian can be found floating gently down the various waterways of Ohio, solving crimes and righting wrongs.