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By Brian Biddle

I just bought my calendar for 2020

April 24, 2020

Sometimes your needs come into focus as time moves along. They are not immediately apparent. This week I realized I needed a wall calendar. I found myself asking Siri what the date was each AM before reading through a daily devotional. I’d rather look up and see for myself. Plus, it allows me the chance to buy a very cool illustrated calendar that will add to the office decor.

As my need for a wall calendar came into view, so another moment of clarity happened this week via a SLACK discussion with Kevin O’Keefe and Garry, our COO. The need for a unique blog theme for LexBlog came to light — The LexBlog 2020. I thought this insight from Kevin was a good way to summarize the 2020s goal:

The design is attractive yet not likely to cause people to want a “design.” 

The challenge here is not to make something ugly and unattractive. Rather a thing that does not get in the way of itself. Grace, with no clutter, as I like to think of it. Or better yet, a theme that excels at presenting the content vs. lavish graphics that may be out-of-date in a year. The classic pinstripe shirt always looks good.

Matt Mullenweg’s automatic team does an excellent job of this with its design of the 2020 theme released late last year. It’s quite vanilla, yet I like looking at it on my iPhone and MacBook. I think it can be improved with the default inclusion of an email subscribe widget on the home page and interior post pages. So I’ll glean what I can from the WP 2020 theme and add what is missing to ours. Just like my calendar purchase, I’m a bit late to the game (end of April already). That said, no time like the present. Here comes The LexBlog 2020 theme.

Stay Tuned.

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