I just received a beautifully designed email from a well-known creative publisher, outlining what to do when a client becomes unresponsive.

In short, the solution was to send more emails—a follow-up email, followed by a follow-up to the follow-up. Finally, when all else fails, send them the hammer by giving them the ASAP email. Have we lost our collective minds? This practice is the embodiment of a well-known definition of insanity.

I would argue that when you have an unresponsive client, a phone call or video chat should be how you connect. In non-covid times an in-person meeting, if possible. An unresponsive client could also indicate a lousy process on your side of the fence. We should always be keeping a close eye and mind on these processes and continuously challenging them.

Be always looking for a way to better your relationship with those you serve. Your alarm bells should go off when you or the organization you work for gravitates toward automation to interact with humans.