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By Brian Biddle

The Real Web Is for Everyone

Creating an Accessible Web: A Guide for Legal Publishers<a href=""></a>
December 21, 2020

Web accessibility is defined as creating websites and web-based tools that can be accessed and function properly for all people regardless of their hardware, software, language, or ability. And while most would agree with this statement, the reality is a good chunk of the web has not been created with this goal in mind.

Legal publishers who care are proactive. Whether by providing expert guidance and insight, as does William Goren’s¬†Understanding the ADA. To large law firms like Fox Rothschild, who realize the critical nature of ensuring their web footprint is accessible for all and want to prioritize WCAG compliance as an integral part of their blog redesign.

The process is not complicated. Numerous online resources are available to provide guidance. The first step requires you to care enough to take action. My recommendation is to take a look at your site’s colors, fonts, and images. A proper contrast ratio between text, links, and background colors is critical to ensure your site is legible and links are clearly presented.

Some Helpful Resources to get started:

This issue is not going away, nor should it; building an “accessible web” benefits everyone in society. This focus on accessibility means your entire organization is continually looking to serve others and ensure that no single person is left behind because a cheap and easy website was made versus one that is thoughtful in how information is shared and presented to others.

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