T he summer before my senior year in high school I took a job working as a courier and odd-jobs man at a local electrical company. It sounded like a cush job and much better than forty hour weeks on an assembly line at the same manufacturing company I had worked for the previous five summers ( I can assemble and disassemble a gas nozzle like no one’s business).

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A wasted day occurs when you are not living in the present. Now, this is not an encouragement to avoid planning for the future. Nor is it a request to avoid looking back on the past to learn from success or failures. Instead, future planning and past lessons guide the decisions we make today. That is a critical fact.

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Over the past thirteen years, I’ve witnessed and been apart of LexBlog maturing from a startup with a few employees to a highly functioning company with an established vision to improve legal services by bridging the gap between consumers and legal professionals.

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I often think of the design process as a series of mistakes. Each step is moving toward the right decision and final product. The danger in this process is to make perfection the goal. Instead, the goal should be a viable outcome that has promise. In reading the book The Year Without Pants I was inspired by Automattic’s approach to releasing new products into the wild that were not fully polished. Their goal was to place a focus on innovation and creation. To see how the product performed. Once those metrics were in, they would then invest more time into fine-tuning and further iteration.

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