Mail chimp template design can be a frustrating thing. I use it just enough that it has a learning curve every time log in to make an edit or create an email design from scratch. The pain experienced during this process reminds me of the pain associated with anything new when tried for the first time. Exercise, diet, CSS equals pain and frustration.

My human inclination is to run away and avoid pain. And in cases of bodily or emotional harm, this is not a bad thing. Flight or fight kicks in, and one or the other happens.

In the case of personal growth, however, pain is an indicator of good. Lift some weights, and the muscles that were targeted are sore. Run a few miles, and your legs will thank you the next day with some stiffness.

The same goes for the development of good character traits. Want to learn patience? Be around people or situations that test your patience. Want to develop generosity? Give when it hurts. Want to learn how to love others more genuinely? Love when others are not being so lovely. It’s when the “thing” is tough is where we develop and grow. Convenience and comfort are the banes of progress.

Don’t be discouraged amid this pain. As we learn and grow in wisdom, the result is usually an awareness of how little we know or how far we have to go. This awareness is a sure sign of progress.

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For the past 15 years, Brian has served as lead designer and art director for LexBlog. He works directly with the product team to provide design and UX/UI guidance for the tools that power the world’s largest legal network.