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By Brian Biddle

The Seasons of my Week

Using the Seasons of Life to Guide Your Yearly Goals
March 20, 2020

My dad used to speak of seasons of life quite often as I was growing up. He used them as an anchor point for providing reference to a specific situation. Often the seasons of life were tied to the moment and what was happening with kids, relationships, school, career, etc.

For whatever reason, I found it comforting even in times of uncertainty where the results were unknown or cloudy at best. I think what I liked about this approach was the idea that whatever is happening will not last forever. Be it a hard situation or even a prosperous one. Be encouraged; this too will pass, or be prepared and ready for what is to come.

In thinking of different seasons this week and current events, my mind drifted toward my yearly goals and observing how the seasons of my day and week aid in keeping my aims for 2020. I broke it down this way.

  1. A Season of Learning: The segments of my day and week devoted to learning something new
  2. A Season of Teaching: A weekly time to reach out to others to share and instruct.
  3. A Season of Reflecting: I’ve set a goal to write one post a week this year. To reflect on what I’ve learned, worked on, or failed at miserably.
  4. A Season of Action: Task-oriented. Tickets were knocked out. New DesignesCreated. Edits to Existing Designs.

Looking at my schedule this way gives me a process to plan out my week. It gives me a sense of satisfaction come Friday evening. It reminds me that time moves quickly and seasons of life change.

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